Monday, April 27, 2009

The Las Vegas Strip??!!!

Ernest and I didn't have an exciting evening, but we did get the chance to finally see the Las Vegas Strip. Well, we drove threw it actually. We got the boys in bed by about 10pm, then drove to see where our niece works. We stayed there for a good hour I think then headed down to the strip, but by then it was about after 12am and we were both tired. So tonight we decided to have date night. We are going to spend time sight seeing with the boys today and then go out to the strip around dusk. It's not often me and Ernest get quality time together so we are going to take advantage of it.

Anyhow, as far as what we saw. Let's just say that it's not what we expected to be honest. I thought it would be more flashy. Don't get me wrong. Looking at all those lights and different casinos was very cool. There's the Excalibur that is built like a castle, one I didn't get the name of that was a pyramid with lights on the edges and one just beaming straight up. We saw the wedding chapels Paris, MGM, Trump, Circus Circus, and more. I tried to take many pictures, but driving in the car didn't do well with all those bright lights. Thus the reason we are go back tonight and actually enjoy it.

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