Thursday, April 30, 2009

Today was a good day!

Words cannot express how good of a day this was. I was wanting to take my babies to the Denver Zoo but the weather was a tad too chilly for us to have them walking around. So, we decided to visit family instead.

First we saw my Aunt Carol. Her and my three cousins were in the middle of moving. I saw my cousin Ronnette and my aunt's grandchildren. On cousin was at work and I spoke with Raddean on the phone.

Next stop was my cousin Vanessa and her son LB. They will be moving to Mobile in June. We are going to have to get LB in football at school. He looks so much like his mom.

The best part of my day was dinner. We spent it with my grandmother, my cousin Mireca, her daughter, and my Aunt Ruby at Golden Corral. They didn't have the best food there and I had to go get upset with an employee, but it was great just being with them all.

Now, I have to tell you about the employee situation real quick. See i like my steak medium rare. More rare than medium. I had asked the grillman how rare the steak was. He showed me and it was too done. No pink what so ever. So I just said no and was about ask about the other steaks. Well, he threw his fork and knife down on the grill and walked away. I wasn't sure what happened first, but then I got upset and went to get the manager. The employee decided to ask someone else to cut my steak, but I just waited to tell the manager what he did. I still got my steak by the manager and he even came to my table. That was nice, but I didn't get another steak.

That was the only bad part of my day. I will be going to bed very happy.

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