Saturday, May 2, 2009

On the road again...

Well, it now time for us the head back home. I have had a great vacation.

Before leaving this morning we had to stop at several Mexican restaurants to get some food to bring back with us. Hate to say it, but Mexican food in Mobile cannot compete with food in the West. This is food that has you craving. Mouthwatering food. Have to take it back with us.

First we stopped at the Curtis Park Creamery. This place has been in the same spot since my mother was a girl. We bought 3 beef enchiladas, 3 taquitos, 2 soft tacos, and a smothered burrito. From there we went to the Burrito Company for tamales but they were closed. Last stop was El Senor Sol for tamales, chirizo breakfast burrito smothered, sausage burrito smothered, and a quart of pork green chili....mmmmmmmm.

Well, this will be a long ride back. Especially since it is drizzling and very cloudy.

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