Sunday, May 3, 2009

We have made it home...

Well, after 22 hours and some minutes we have finally made it back to Mobile, AL safely. We have been truly blessed. Although I did not get to do all the things I wanted to do, this has been the best vacation I have had in years. Part of me is ready to begin my day at work again tomorrow and the other part wishes I had one more day. But it's great. No complaints. My boys seem to be excited now that we are back home. Playing together in familiar surroundings.

Came home and spent time watching one movie after another on cable with my Aunt Tiny. She made us dinner tonight too which was very sweet. We even came home to a clean house. The boys were so excited to see her. My sister dropped by for a few minutes to get her 10 tamales we brought back from El Senor Sol and a taquito from Curtis Park Creamery.

It's now calm down time and preparation for my first day back after 10 days. I know I have tons of email and my boss is probably going to want to fill me in on all the things I have missed since I was gone last week. So tomorrow will more than likely be a very busy day for me.

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