Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day to My Remarkable Man!

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Thursday I was listening The Michael Baisden Show. It was the last hour of the show and he had ladies calling in to give praise to their men for being great fathers. Listening got me to think about mine. Father’s Day is today. My physical gift of movie and dinner will come late, but I can’t help but to think of some of the many things about him and this special to me.
We have been together 11 years. Like every relationship we have had our ups and downs. Our trials and tribulations. However, through it all he has been a remarkable man and he's a remarkable father. He and my oldest didn't always get along, but I can never take away the fact that he always provided for him. Can't take away the fact that he's tried his best to help me raise another man's child which is never an easy task.

We have two handsome, loving, and very active boys that adore him. I always smile when I hear my 22 month old say "Hi, Daddy" and grabs his leg real tight. Or to see my 3 year old give him a hug and say very sweetly, "I love you, Daddy". From the day they were born he was there to rock and sing them to sleep. He has given them baths, changed many diapers without a second thought, watched hours of the Disney and Noggin channels, and allowed them to climb all over him like a lion with his cubs. What a beautiful sight to see! How could I not love this man more each day?
He has been my rock, my strength, and cheerleader. I could not be where I am right now without God and his unconditional support. He’s been there to give me hope and faith for every accomplishment I have attempted and reached. He has given me the strength to study through school on nights and days I just didn’t want to. He has given me praise in times where I believe no such thing was necessary or deserved. He has encouraged me to go those extra miles and to learn more than I ever though I could. In times where tears and doubt entered my thoughts and heart, he has been there wipe the tears away and keep me on the goals at hand. 

I know things have been hard for him over the last several months. Not easy for a man who has been the major provider for these 11 years. He has work uncountable hours overtime with little respect or even so much as a thank you. But in the end he did what he had to do, and what he wanted to do, to keep us satisfied. There is nothing in this world I can give him that can come close to giving thanks or showing him how deep my love him goes, but I hope that this message and the words "I love you" everyday can give him so understanding of what he means to me and his boys. I am so very honored to know and have him in my life!

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