Monday, June 8, 2009

My Activity Update

I haven't posted here for a few weeks because I have been extremely busy. It seems as if I suddenly became overwhelmed with everything at once. There have been a few bad (well unproductive) days a work, but I have had many wonderful experiences with my family.

On May 31st we attended the 1st Annual Pentecost Explosion” worship and praise celebration in Birmingham, AL at the Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex. It was the first time I have been to Birmingham in all the 11 years living here in Alabama. Normally, we don't attend these types of church gatherings, but Ernest was apart of the 1000 voice choir along with his mother and sister. At first I thought it would be a very boreing preaching type celebration. You know the type where you listened to several preachers discuss the word almost repeatedly. However, I was proven wrong. From the moment they ended the annoucements (which took about a good 15 minutes) there was singing, dancing, praising, and excitement. There was absolutely no way you could be there and not feel joy. Not feel blessed. The music was simply wonderful and the choir sounded beautiful. The guest artist was Kathy Taylor. She is a national gospel recording artist, songwriter, producer, and community activist. Her voice is truly a blessing from God. The guest preacher was Reverand William D. Watley, Ph.D. He is the Senior Pastor of the St. James African Methodist Episcopal Church in Newark, NJ. He delivered a wonderful message. It was all truly a wonderful experience and we will no doubt be going back every year. I will also try to share the video with you once I get a copy of it. Hopefully it would move you as much as it did us.

This past Saturday my cousin Vanessa moved to Mobile, AL from Denver, CO. My cousin Myron drove down with her. We had a very nice dinner together at Golden Coral. Just laughing and talking about the good 'ol days. Sunday I spend some time taking her and my aunt on a tour of Mobile. My aunt has been here several months, but we haven't had the chance to really show here around. We drove downtown and walked around. It was hot...very hot...but a very enjoyable walk. We drove by the mall, by my jobs, picked up some Papa John's and just talked family and life. I have to be honest. My sister and I have been here 11 years. It has been nice just being us, but I must say that having more family here does feel pretty good. It's nice to have those I grew up with here and can related to. It has actually been a little lonely seeing others with their families and ours has been so far away. This is very nice.

Well enough of my rambling on. Until next time!

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