Monday, October 26, 2009

Little Ernest is Sick

My little man is sick. This actually a very rare thing for him. Robert usually gets sick everytime daddy gets sick, but Ernest and I are usually the healthy ones. And I am not talking about a cold. Saturday and Sunday he ran a fever. I thought he was ok today. Not! I wasn't at work a full hour before Jr called to tell me he had to pick up Ernest from school. So I had to move working in my little cubicle to working at home.

Jr had to take him to the doctor because he threw up...a lot. He seemed fine up until that point. The good thing is that the doctor said it was just a stomach virus. Not the flu and he didn't have a fever although his body was burning hot. They gave him a shot to help the virus. It made him sleep a long time, but he had nightmares for hours. Waking up yelling for his daddy which is also very rare. Had us worried again, but he is ok.

Tomorrow I will be working from home again taking care of him and chasing Robert around. Not fun at al, but my babies health is more important.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ernest’s First Pumpkin

I thought I would take a moment out to share with everyone Ernest's first decorated pumpkin. He did it at school yesterday. Sorry if the photos aren't so great. It's the lighting. Plus I am not always that great at pictures, but I am getting better with my trusty cellphone. Anyhow, I think my little man has creative talent.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ernest's First Day at HeadStart

The day started early for us. I woke up around 5:30am, but officially it was 6:15am. Started ironing the boys shirts when Ernest woke up at 6:30am. Believe me this is early for him. Usually he doesn't like waking up before 8am. Anytime before that he tends to be very grumpy and whiny. What was so adorable this morning was that he woke smiling and in a very good mood for 6:30am. Got dressed without complaining and was ready to wake up everyone in the house.

He couldn't stop asking me questions about what was going to happen in school. He wanted to know what his teacher's name will be, will he be taking a nap, will he have breakfast and lunch, are they going to play games, and (the question I couldn't help but laugh at) will they have bread. See Ernest loves to eat bread, but it has to be plain bread. No jelly, peanut butter, etc. Just plain white bread. So, I found his thinking of their having bread very funny...and of course adorable. We even let him wear his Spiderman shirt for his first day, which he was even more happy about.

I feel a little sad because I wasn't able to go to school with him. Because I have to be at work at 8am and Ernest needed to feel out paperwork before he went to class it was better for me to be dropped off first. I really wanted to take pictures of his class and his new school. Ernest called me several times over all the repetitive paperwork he had to fill out, which I totally understood. I was told that his new teacher said that Little Ernest walked in the classroom like he had been there before. That brought a little tear to my eyes.

After work we went to pick him up and heard him sing the alphabet song about 8 times before reaching home. I admit, however, he did very well in singing the song. I think he missed about only 4 letters. He messed up once, realized it and started all over again. I heard how he took a nap, ate breakfast, built a tower with blocks, and played some game called "Pass the Pumpkin". He didn't mention his teacher, but I could tell he is very happy where he is at. That is always a good thing.

Well, are a few pictures of my baby as we walked to the car to start our day. As you can tell he made sure he had his bread before we left the house. Told you he loves plain bread. LOL.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Little Ernest Goes to School Tomorrow!

Today was a very rough day at work, but it was all in a hard good day's work. The best part about the day was that we finally got a call from Headstart. Little Ernest gets to start school tomorrow. We have been waiting for nearly two months for that call and Ernest has been driving us nuts about when he was going to start.

We didn't get the reaction from him that we expected. As much he has talked about it, we thought he would at least scream or something more than a smirk. He just gave his adorable grin and asked all kinds of questions. He even asked if they will have bread. This child can almost eat an entire loaf of bread absolutely plain. He just loves it.

Anyhow, he has to be there not earlier than 8:45 am and he has to be picked up no later than 2 pm. Because we have to work and my mother-in-law isn't feeling well we have some picking him up tomorrow and Friday. My only things is having to adjust to the getting up earlier in the morning. Not great when it comes to mornings.

Well, either way I will try to take pictures of my baby and his first day at HeadStart, then post them for everyone to see. Don't expect nothing photo special though. It's only HeadStart.

Monday, October 5, 2009

My Little Men are Growing Up...Happy 4th Birthday Ernest!!!

I have been so busy these days that I tend to forget that I have this blog. However, I made it priority to post today. You see today Little Ernest turned 4 years old. I look at all my boys and can't believe how fast time goes by. I find myself looking at their baby pictures and looking at them now wondering where all the time went. Ernest is counting, drawing, trying to read, and enjoying playtime as Spiderman. Robert is now talking, dancing, just enjoying life. Makes me sad sometimes that there will be no more now, but happy because these two little guys give me plenty of activity every day.