Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Little Ernest Goes to School Tomorrow!

Today was a very rough day at work, but it was all in a hard good day's work. The best part about the day was that we finally got a call from Headstart. Little Ernest gets to start school tomorrow. We have been waiting for nearly two months for that call and Ernest has been driving us nuts about when he was going to start.

We didn't get the reaction from him that we expected. As much he has talked about it, we thought he would at least scream or something more than a smirk. He just gave his adorable grin and asked all kinds of questions. He even asked if they will have bread. This child can almost eat an entire loaf of bread absolutely plain. He just loves it.

Anyhow, he has to be there not earlier than 8:45 am and he has to be picked up no later than 2 pm. Because we have to work and my mother-in-law isn't feeling well we have some picking him up tomorrow and Friday. My only things is having to adjust to the getting up earlier in the morning. Not great when it comes to mornings.

Well, either way I will try to take pictures of my baby and his first day at HeadStart, then post them for everyone to see. Don't expect nothing photo special though. It's only HeadStart.

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