Monday, October 26, 2009

Little Ernest is Sick

My little man is sick. This actually a very rare thing for him. Robert usually gets sick everytime daddy gets sick, but Ernest and I are usually the healthy ones. And I am not talking about a cold. Saturday and Sunday he ran a fever. I thought he was ok today. Not! I wasn't at work a full hour before Jr called to tell me he had to pick up Ernest from school. So I had to move working in my little cubicle to working at home.

Jr had to take him to the doctor because he threw up...a lot. He seemed fine up until that point. The good thing is that the doctor said it was just a stomach virus. Not the flu and he didn't have a fever although his body was burning hot. They gave him a shot to help the virus. It made him sleep a long time, but he had nightmares for hours. Waking up yelling for his daddy which is also very rare. Had us worried again, but he is ok.

Tomorrow I will be working from home again taking care of him and chasing Robert around. Not fun at al, but my babies health is more important.

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