Wednesday, November 25, 2009


We have officially been on the road to Atlanta, GA. After a busy and complicated day of work, running around, and waiting for my niece we are finally on our way. To be honest I never thought this moment would come.

The boys are doing well I might say, but then again they are use to road trips. Robert was at awe about the signs and stars he saw, then he's knocked out. Ernest is sleepy, but he's too hyped up about the rock music in the car. He was singing the theme song to the first Transformers movie when we first got on the road. Then he started dancing to Queen. You know the one from "Wayne's World". Well he get's it honestly.

Still got another 4 (or 5) hours to go. Don't know how some do all this driving in one night just to hit clubs and back. Too much!

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