Thursday, December 3, 2009

And we care why?

And my random thought. Or my first "editorial". Which ever one you doesn't matter.

Anywhose, for a week now we have been hearing stories on the news about Tiger Woods crashing in to a fire hydrant outside his home. Now once the news found out he had minor injures and alcohol wasn't apart of it the subject should have been dropped. But nooooooo the media just had to find out the why. He asked that it be left alone, but the media continued. Now we find out he cheated. My thoughts we really give a shit?

No, really? Granted he is a celebrity and his life is an open book...but why is that? Why do we really give a shit about what he does behind close doors? So he cheated on his wife? That should be a matter between the two of them. We wouldn't want our lives out there unless we put it out there ourselves. The man is a celebrity, but he is also human. Or did we forget this?

With all the things that the news can be reporting we are hearing this crap. I love Tiger Woods, but I don't want to hear about this on Twitter, Facebook, the 10 'o clock news and on the radio constantly. Yesterday my Twitter account had about every 10 tweets with this news. The man wasn't extremely injured. No one is going to jail. He didn't die and no alcohol was involved, so why am I hearing this as if he killed someone?

When I was in middle school I read "The Outsiders" by SE Hinton. She was only 16 when the book was published. That was the day i decided I wanted to become a writer or a journalist. I made sure in school that I was tops in English. Took every related type school activity possible. On the yearbook, school newspaper as a sports writer, and journalism/production for extra credit. I admired Barbara Walters and a local news anchor woman named Reynelda Muse. But as I got older the more I saw the media changing to a nothing more than sensationalism. It became all about just getting the news and writing books based on "lies" to get people interested. A lot of fake, stupid, crap. Reports who spend their time reporting about non-meaningful things or getting you to believe that everything and everyone in the world is bad. We now have journalists who waste our time.

I just think that journalist should focus their time on things we really care about rather than if a celebrity is having extra marital affairs. We don't care!!!!

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