Saturday, February 20, 2010

Technology and Social Networking Isn't Going Away!!!

* Warning: Verbage in this post contains adult words and might not be suitable for the young.

Let me tell you what pisses me the fuck off. When people my age (range of 35-45) think that I am being immature or stupid because I enjoy being on Twitter and Facebook. They think that these things are for the younger generation. It pisses me off because...

  1. I am a web designer/webmaster and it's my job to know about the latest things going on in the Internet world. How in the hell can I tell a client about how social networking will help their search engine optimization when I don't have a clue what that term even means. 
  2. I fuckin like the shit. I enjoy updating my status about anything that fuckin comes to mind. I like "meeting" people I would not normally meet and learn things I would not normally know. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Fat Tuesday!!!

Today was the last day of Mardi Gras known as Fat Tuesday. Most people hear "Mardi Gras" and think of New Orleans, but most don't know that when it came to the United States is began right here in Mobile, Alabama. Hell, I didn't even know this myself until I met my man. New Orleans is known for the party place to be for Mardi Gras and Mobile is more family oriented. Either way this is a big thing in both places. So much that schools and certain government places are closed on these days because they consider it a holiday. Hubby and my job don't so we both had to either take PTO or schedule the day off. Something that has been extremely rare for us in the entire time we have been together.

Anyhow, neither of us got much sleep. We were up at 5am and out the door with food, stuff, and kids about 6:30am. That is actually late considering most people are already downtown at 4am marking their spot. We had to make a stop at WalMart then pick up my nieces so we didn't make it downtown until about 7:30am, but my mother-in-law had things set up for us. The temperature was also about 28 degrees. With the high winds off the Mobile Bay you can imagine just how cold everyone was.

I won't bore you with step by step details, but we had a great time. The children were very cold wearing their hats and gloves, but once the parades started none of that really mattered. Hubby didn't get to see much because he spent his time grilling in the back of the restaurant. At least he had music...lmao. The parking lot where we were at was very packed. I mean people, cars, and grills everywhere. The people next to us brought a huge set of speakers with a laptop and played 70s, 80s, 90s, blues, and hip hop music all day while people gathered around getting drunk. I spent most of my day chasing my youngest around cause he wanted every set of beads he could find.

The highlight of the parade? The have what we call the "Black Parade" because it is the parade organized and dominately with black folks. It is also the longest parade in Mobile, AL. Everyone gets hyped about this one on Fat Tuesday. It is all the MAMGA organization that hosted the ball I went to on Friday. So with those in mind we had two highlights:

1. Everyone was trying to figure out where the hell Jamarcus Russell's ass was. Being that he was the King we expected him to ride on the float with his Queen....Wrong!!! He was like 4 floats back with his suit hanging of like he just woke up doing throws. Let's just say many were not impressed. But we can't complain too much he was there.
2. A lady fell off one of the float and busted her head on the concrete. This held up the parade for about 20 minutes. Not sure if she was drunk like most of them on these floats.

Anyhow, I have tons of photos for you guys to look at. Actually I am pretty proud of myself this year. I haven't been to Mardi Gras in some time, but I always take crappy ass pics. This time I got nice pics and videos of the day's events. All except hubby gettin his grill on. Hope you enjoy!!

Mardi Gras in Mobile, AL Links:

There's more than one video to view.
To see the play list click on the "tape" next the play/pause button.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

2010 MAMGA Grand Marshal Ball

Last night Ernest and I attended our first Mardi Gras ball in about 4 years. Last time I went to one Little Ernest was only about 3-4 months old and my aunt from Denver, CO came to visit us for Mardi Gras. We attended the MAMGA Grand Marshall Ball at the Outlaw Convention Center in downtown Mobile, AL.

Now let me just say that to most adults New Orleans parties are better than Mobile, AL when it comes to Mardi Gras. That is probably true depending on your idea of fun. However, don't count Mobile out completely. We still know how to have a good time.

Anyhow, I will say that although I looked forward to the ball and I didn't have an all out great time it was still nice to have a night out. The ball was nice and wasn't a complete waste. Bad points: the band & the fried food brought to our table. However, it was open bar and the place was packed with people. If anything I was more uncomfortable with the shoes I was wearing. I don't know why I have this bad habit of buying shoes for a special occasion and then never wearing them. I bought some really nice $40 shoes, but didn't wear them because when I got home we couldn't get one of the shoes to strap around my ankle. No, my ankles aren't fat. Something was wrong with the strap.

Another reason I was uncomfortable was because my having big breasts did not fit right at the top. I couldn't wear a bra with it because it was already padded and shaped weird. But I did get lots of compliments about it especially since it was a leopard print.

Well, the night was nice spending it with my man and my co-workers. One of the members works for the same company. It wasn't fully worth $50 but it was a nice night we deserved to spend together. Oh yeah, and Jamarcus Russell of the Oakland Raiders who was born and raised in Mobile, AL was the King for this year's ball. We didn't see much of him after the presentation which did not impress me at all. Good thing I am not a Raiders fan.


I only did this video because I always get a kick off of seeing the people parade around the dance floor with their umbrellas. See the people here and in New Orleans decorate regular umbrellas with Mardi Gras type themes. And at the balls they open their umbrellas to special Mardi Gras music and parade around the dance floor. Being from Denver I find that shit pretty cool. Next year I will have an umbrella of my own so I can join in.

Anyhow, I just wanted everyone to see how packed the floor got at the ball for this moment alone. It was pretty dark so you won't be able to see everything. Sorry!

There is actually snow in Mobile, AL!!

I am a day late in posting this one for sure, but I just had to mention how crazy it is that there was actual snow in Mobile. See they haven't seen snow here in about 13 years. The last time it snowed was in 1996. I was living in Denver, CO then dealing with snow myself.

For about 3 days they hyped this snow thing up. Every news channel talked about how we were going to have about 1 to 3 in. of snow. Schools were even cancelled and everyone at work was wondering if we would have to come in the next day or if we can work from home. To be honest, working from home wouldn't have been a bad idea at all.

Anyhow, they first said that it would start snowing after midnight. Woke up to nothing but rain and extreme cold weather. It was colder than normal for us here in Mobile, AL. But it officially started in certain areas first thing that morning and got to us around 10 I believe. I thought people were joking when they first mentioned it, but I finally had the chance to get up and take a look out the window. The snow was coming down in big chunks, but it wasn't sticking at all because the ground was wet from all the rain.

I really didn't want to see snow, but I found it interesting to see how happy and hyped up everyone was just because most had never seen snow before. I was also a little disappointed after hearing the weather men talk about how much snow we might get. Well, it didn't last long. At least I got proof to show off for now and years to come.



Monday, February 1, 2010

All About Being a Libra

Modality: Cardinal
Element: Air
Ruler: Venus
Season: Fall
7th Sign of Zodiac
Metal: Copper
Stone: Diamond, Quartz, Marble
Color: Pastel Green
Anatomy: Kidneys

Libra is the only zodiac symbol that's neither animal nor human -- but surely that doesn't make you any less human. In fact, Libra is among the most sociable of the signs. As scales of old were really "balances," so to do you seek balance in all that Libra does. You respond to situations with grace as Libra attempts to put others at ease. Artistically, Libra tries to balance form, content, colors and elements, and for this reason can be drawn toward creative endeavors.

The greatest balancing act is between self and others, and it is here that many Libras focus their energy. Here, in the realm of interpersonal relationships, you are a champion. Libra know how to be the charming host or hostess. Libra can sense what others want before they ask for it. And you can make the needs of others a higher priority than your own. In fact, Libra is the shuttle diplomats of the zodiac, going back and forth between the extremes until a solution is negotiated.

The Libra motto might be "To every action there is an opposite and equal reaction." It is your innate sense of cause and effect that makes you so effective as a strategist. Whether it's playing chess, relationship counseling or civic planning, you know how to be effective while staying in the middle of the road. Your easygoing attitude can serve you and others well, but don't forget that your needs cannot go totally unfulfilled or you won't have anything to give to others.