Saturday, February 20, 2010

Technology and Social Networking Isn't Going Away!!!

* Warning: Verbage in this post contains adult words and might not be suitable for the young.

Let me tell you what pisses me the fuck off. When people my age (range of 35-45) think that I am being immature or stupid because I enjoy being on Twitter and Facebook. They think that these things are for the younger generation. It pisses me off because...

  1. I am a web designer/webmaster and it's my job to know about the latest things going on in the Internet world. How in the hell can I tell a client about how social networking will help their search engine optimization when I don't have a clue what that term even means. 
  2. I fuckin like the shit. I enjoy updating my status about anything that fuckin comes to mind. I like "meeting" people I would not normally meet and learn things I would not normally know. 

In my opinion, I don't think there is anything wrong at all about being "social" online. In fact, I really think that those in my age range and older need to get their head out of their asses and join in. Not knowing about computers and the Internet is what I think is stupid. Our world is becoming more and more about technology. Now a days you can't apply for a job without going online. Even restaurants are starting to make online ordering a preference. Unemployment offices only allow online applications now. Yet, the older generation feels my love for being online is immature.

You got teenagers being stalked by online predators. Everyday these children (boys and girls) are chatting with someone  they think is their age only to meet grown adults who end up hurting them somehow. Yet parents can't even tell you who their children where talking to or how they met this person online. Children plotting to kill people at schools. Posting naked pictures of themselves online and their only 13 year old. All because a parent doesn't take the time to learn about Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook.

Let's not talk about how if your in business for yourself how important being online is. To have a business and not have a website is like death to your entrepreneur dream. From selling handbags to marketing a CD or book. You can't make nearly as much money without having a website.

Yet with all these things I am the immature one simply because not only do I enjoy social networking, but I strive to learn more about.

What even makes it harder for me to believe or understand is how can people still not know how to use a computer period. The days of only playing Solitaire is over. My aunt was here with us for like 6 months. The whole time she irritated me because she had no idea how to use her Yahoo! Email including how to sent an attachment, yet your trying to get a job? Whenever I tried to give advice she wanted to tell me how I was wrong. Yeah! Well figure the shit out your dayum self smartass!! I just spent an entire week at my day job as a webmaster telling grown people, including a few young ones, how to open a browser and type in a web address. I had to go as far as telling them, "Double Click on the blue E icon". One lady I had to access her email and tell her to click on the plus sign under the big word "Folder" so she can find her Inbox. I even had 3 people...yes because they could not send an update request to us. Come to find out the were using "" instead of "". WTF? And had the nerve to get mad immediately as I answered the phone like it was our fault. They call us just to create a Facebook account because they refuse even try and learn anything. But these are doctors, dentists, orthodontists, lawyers, small business owners, etc. who never hesitate to make us feel as if we are beneath them. What the fuck ever!! Give me a dayum break.

People so need to wake up and get with the program. Technology and social networking isn't going anywhere. Hell those of us who embrace it find lost friends, find ways to communicate with family in other states and countries for free, find ways to be creative, learn about things we would never take our asses to the library for, find music we wouldn't find otherwise, find deals we normally wouldn't find, find ways to express ourselves in ways we normally would not have thought of. How can you have a BlackBerry and iPhone, but have no clue how to perform a simple Google search?  How can you send PictureMail from your cell, but get confused about adding a resume to you Hotmail email online? The fucked up thing is that there are people who are like this. People who think the Internet, PCs, and thing technology related other than their cellphone is stupid and immature.

Well, I feel sorry for these people as technology grows. I know I will probably be ahead of the game!

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