Saturday, February 13, 2010

There is actually snow in Mobile, AL!!

I am a day late in posting this one for sure, but I just had to mention how crazy it is that there was actual snow in Mobile. See they haven't seen snow here in about 13 years. The last time it snowed was in 1996. I was living in Denver, CO then dealing with snow myself.

For about 3 days they hyped this snow thing up. Every news channel talked about how we were going to have about 1 to 3 in. of snow. Schools were even cancelled and everyone at work was wondering if we would have to come in the next day or if we can work from home. To be honest, working from home wouldn't have been a bad idea at all.

Anyhow, they first said that it would start snowing after midnight. Woke up to nothing but rain and extreme cold weather. It was colder than normal for us here in Mobile, AL. But it officially started in certain areas first thing that morning and got to us around 10 I believe. I thought people were joking when they first mentioned it, but I finally had the chance to get up and take a look out the window. The snow was coming down in big chunks, but it wasn't sticking at all because the ground was wet from all the rain.

I really didn't want to see snow, but I found it interesting to see how happy and hyped up everyone was just because most had never seen snow before. I was also a little disappointed after hearing the weather men talk about how much snow we might get. Well, it didn't last long. At least I got proof to show off for now and years to come.



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