Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

The Poties family really doesn't make the Easter holiday a big thing. We go to church and gather over madea's house for some good food. Well, today was no exception.

At church they usually have Sunrise service about 6am, breakfast, the Easter program and then official church. Me and my gentlemen missed everything except regular Easter service, but it was still great. Our Pastor, as always, preached an excellent sermon and the church choir was just on fire. My mother-in-law was singing her butt off in the choir by the way. Then it was ended by the Praise Team who always do such a beautiful job.

Every year for the past couple of years with the new addition of children we have tried to make Easter fun for the children. Not only do they all run around driving us nuts, but we tend to take lots of pictures of them in the Easter outfits and later on let them have a small Easter Egg Hunt. Last year we had real eggs and let's just say the children really had no clue what they were doing and it ended up being a mess. This year was a lot better to be honest. We had candy filled eggs mostly for them and a few real eggs. It was simply fun just watching them run around trying to get the eggs first.

It was a very good Easter day for us. There is nothing like the holidays with family. Laughing and talking. Just having a good time. The best way I can some up this day? We arrived home and I asked Little Ernest why he was so grumpy. My 4 y/o said to me "I am not grumpy mommy. Why should I be grumpy? Your my family. Robert's my family. Daddy's my family. Cordell's my family. Everyone is my family. I don't have a reason to be grumpy with all of you as my family." And no I am not exaggerating...he actually said this. Almost brought tears to my eyes.

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