Friday, April 23, 2010

My view of NFL Draft 2010

Well, I can't believe it's almost midnight and I am here posting to my blog. I think it's because of my extreme excitement over tonight's NFL Draft 2010. I have been waiting for this night since the Super Bowl. Waiting with extreme anticipation to see who the 49ers would pick in the first around. Well, who they will pick period.

At first the draft was pretty predictable. Sam Bradford from Oklahoma was the #1 draft pick going to the Rams. Ndamukong Suh was #2 going to the Lions, Gerald McCoy #3 for the Buccaneers, Trent Williams #4 for the Redskins, and Eric Berry #5 for Chiefs. It was actually the Raiders that simply changed the game by picking Rolando McClain for the #8 pick in the draft. Let's just say Giants fans were not happy, but at least the Raider did something right for a change. Last year no one could believe that they gave up Crabtree. And although his holdout pissed us 49ers fans off, we are glad they made that screw up so far. Oh and by the way Rolando is a Alabama Crimson Tide...ROLL TIDE!!!!

Anyhow, my boys traded up with Denver and grabbed Anthony Davis from Rutgers as a #11 draft pick. Then later chose Mike Iupati from Idaho at #17 in the draft. Let me just say that many of my fellow 49er fans are happy with these selection. Mostly because we had a need for them. Now in my opinion we need to work a little more with Defense and if Colt McCoy or Jimmy Clausen is still available in the 2nd round wouldn't hurt to grab them either. What really made this emotional for me was that since everyone except McClain was predictable there was intrigue about who the 49ers were selecting. Throughout the night I was a little annoyed with them showing the guys on the phone right before they were officially picked by a team. However, they didn't go that route with the 49ers the first time. Even the sports casters were wondering who their pick was. Facebook and Twitter lit up with there selection. Actually, I now realize my butt was way too calm. I must have been tired....LMAO.

What really blowed my mind were Dez Bryant and Tim Tebow. And although I can't stand my man's team...Dallas Cowboys...I was actually happy to see his team pick a young man I think will be a big benefit. THEY SUCK MAJOR BUTT!!! Dallas picked Dez Bryant from Oklahoma State at #24 and Tim Tebow who was pick #25 in the draft is going to my hometown....Denver, Colorado. Ok, the Tim Tebow thing really blows me away....still. Tim Tebow a Denver Bronco? Well, being that I am a Bama fan, we have absolutely no love for Tim. Just being honest. Yes he's a damn good quarterback and he will make a great impact in the NFL (Yes I admit it), but what is Denver really going to do with him? They have Kyle Orton and just traded for Brady Quinn. Kyle is on for sure with another year, so are they going to make him fight for the second spot with Quinn or place him in 3rd position? Sorry but I just don't understand that move by the Broncos. They should have focused on their defensive line, not another quaterback. Oh well, at least Tebow made it in the first round. Plus I think this amazes me because what are the odds of my favorite college team's rival ending up in my hometown in the NFL. I am sure my friend Sharon and I will be discussing this tomorrow at work since she loves that boy so much. Sharon is a major Florida Gator. Good thing for me I can't stand the Denver Broncos either. :-)

Well, after tonight's first round I must say that I can't wait to get home tomorrow from work and get ready for more. I am oddly excited. This time I am drinking a beer...LMAO.

Until then....Stay tuned for night 2 of the my view of the NFL Draft 2010. Goodnight!!!

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