Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June 2010 Family Vacation Day 4

Most of our day was spent relaxing around the house, washing some cloths with my father, and watching the boys enjoy their time with my father’s dog, Corky (I want you to know that it wasn’t until we left that I remembered this darn dog’s name. ) Robert still was having a hard time getting use to the dog. I wanted to play with him, but refused to touch the dog or allow the dog to touch him. Every time the dog was even close he would scream his head off and run to the nearest place to sit. Just watching it was actually hilarious, especially because he would get on the couch and start laughing himself.

I fixed a very nice breakfast for everyone. We had eggs, bacon, grits, and toasted English muffins. Later on in the day after washing our cloths I enjoyed some time with spent a little time with the boys on my father’s porch.  It was really a very nice day. The weather wasn’t really that hot or humid, but it was nice enough for us to kick back and enjoy. It was great just watching my little men play with each other and not have a single worry.  For dinner we just had KFC and spent the evening watching old TV shows like “Trapper John MD”, “Flipper”, and “ In Living Color”.

Once it got dark the boys and I had another nice moment on the porch watching the lightening bugs fly around. There wasn’t a single light on the entire street and all you could see was quick little flashes of light coming from the bugs. The boys tried their hardest to point to them all, but they couldn’t keep up. It was just nice enjoying a quiet moment with them.

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