Saturday, June 5, 2010

My Sister and Nieces are in ChiTown

Well, Friday night was the night. My sister and my nieces drove off in their U Haul to start a brand new life in Chicago. They finally made it there Saturday afternoon.

She told me several months ago about plans to move to Chicago. However, that day came much faster than I expected it to. They spent a few days with us, but with me working and her getting last minute things done we didn't really spend much time together. I wish we did though. I am really going to miss her, little bit (Dominique), and Butterball (Moriah). Will miss them even more since Sunday (Today) Dominique is turning 8. First time I won't be spending her birthday with her. They won't be here to drive me nuts like they usually do when we babysit. No phone calls to see if want the boys to spend the night. Only updates from long distance calls, webcams, and occasional Facebook updates.

Don't get me wrong. It is good to see my sister try to start a new life. I did the same exact thing when I moved to Mobile. AL 11 years ago. It's been rough and although I do miss my family I haven't looked back. It's the best decision I could ever make. I wish my sister luck. I have faith she will do well. Although I am sad and will miss them, I am also looking forward to the road trips and exciting adventures we will have.

Love you guys very much! Stay safe!

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