Sunday, August 29, 2010

Winning is great, but fair is fair!!

Football-in-motion This is something I just felt I had to post to my blog. It’s more of a release of frustration than it is informative. I know I drove some of my co-workers crazy yesterday with my bitchin’ about one of my 4 year old’s football coaches. This man is a great coach for the most part, but his philosophy about peewee football simply pisses me the hell off. And being the person that I am, I am not one to usually hold my tongue about anything unless it deals with my job. Anyhow, Let me explain to you why I was so pissed off at this man.

See most of you who follow me on Twitter or are a friend of mine on Facebook know that my 4 year old is playing peewee football this year for Cottage Hill Steelers. You also know that I am a major…MAJOR….fanatic about football. It doesn’t matter if it’s college (Roll Tide!!), arena, Canadian, or NFL (Go 49ers!!!). Football is a passion of mine. And to have my little man play is absolutely the best feeling. For the past 3-4 weeks I have been rushing through traffic after work to get him to practice. He has missed a few days because his daddy was in the hospital, but I do whatever I can to make sure he is there as expected. I have been dedicated for the last two Saturdays to getting up around 5:30am no matter how tired I am to get him to the parks on time for his Jubilee games. The first game was great. Ernest got to play and his team won the game. Cottage Hill Steelers 20 Municipal Park Raiders 2. However, my issue started last week. The head coach spoke to us all week how children who weren’t showing up for practice won’t be allow to play. The team mom mentioned that there are a total of 27 children signed up to play on the team, but when they did roll call they only counted 16-18 children all three days of practice. He stressed how much he didn’t like it and how important it was for the children to be there. That these parents keeping their child from practice because of bad behavior at school or at home weren’t just hurting the child, but their teams. Yet, Saturday there were about 5 boys, which included mine, sat on the bench until like the last 2 minutes of the game.

There were several parents who were a bit upset by this. Actually we were a bit confused when the coach said one thing, but come game day you have nearly all 27 there and the ones who practiced all week didn’t play much. So with this in mind, being the outspoken person that I am decided to speak with the next in line head coach. The head coach had a family emergency so I couldn’t speak with. Now when I brought our concerns to the coach I told him that if all 27 boys came to practice and then on game day my child sat on the bench I would have absolutely no problem. However, it wasn’t fair that children that don’t show up for practice get to still play come Saturday. This damn man had the nerve to tell me that 1) A lot of it had to do with the coach not being prepared and 2) That he had to put in those that didn’t practice because they were his best players and “If your child is a running back, but I need a linebacker and that linebacker is one of the children that didn’t come to practice I am going to use my linebacker.” He even tried to break it down for me by showing me his offense setup and trying to get technical with it like my ass wouldn’t understand. The whole time I was think that this man a fake piece of crap. However, I let it go. I didn’t get upset, but acted like I understood and took my ass home.

The next night of practice, hubby was with me, we had another meeting. Now before this meeting several other parents also expressed how they didn’t like the way things were done on Saturday. And we talked about how his group of children get the discipline they need for football yet we had another group of children that just stood around most of their practice time. Basically the other coaches were punks and had no clue what they were doing. Surprisingly another parent saved our children and assisted the other coaches. We were glad to see the children working hard and paying attention. I was surrounded by parents who have no problem with the yelling, extra runs around the field for bad behavior, etc. Now comes time for our meeting and he decides to call me out. He didn’t use my name, it was obvious who he was talking about. This man spent like 15 minutes giving the other parents the same exact speech except he left out the part about the coaches issue. Basically the whole lecture, and it was a lecture, was that although we spent $130 for our children to play and he knows that some of these children don’t show up he was going to play his best , or “Key” players. He is all about winning and he is going to do what he needs to do in order to win. His punk ass also made sure he mentioned that he will do his best to play all the children, but in tough games he can’t guarantee they will play. Then in the same damn meeting and speech he brings up that he understand how we are tired and got to get the boys ready for school the next day, but if they were in high school or college and didn’t show up for practice that they wouldn’t get the chance to play….WTF?

Ok if you had to re-read that then that is a good thing. Basically, he contradicted himself. When we complain then he has a messed up excuse, but when he wants to complain it’s to set an example for the children. Please give me a fuckin break. It’s all about the win and fuck our feelings is what it comes down to. Let’s just say that the parents, although they did not speak up, weren’t happy at all with his fucked up opinion. So at this present moment I am in no way happy about my child’s moment in football so far.

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