Sunday, November 21, 2010

And so the Holiday Begins…

You know when the holidays have begun when you start making special school trips and your job begins their annual pot luck dinners. This year it has started with a trip to Little Ernest's school for Thanksgiving lunch.

Ernest and I paid $5 each and scheduled ourselves to attended Little Ernest's Thanksgiving Lunch at Just 4 Developmental Laboratory. They had waves so that the lunchroom wouldn't be so crowded with parents and children. Our wave was at 11:30am til 12:15pm, however, we were slightly late. No problem, though. We still got there in time to enjoy a great lunch with our little man.
He was so excited and happy about our being there no matter when we arrived. What was on the lunch menu? They served turkey, dressing, green beans, cranberry sauce, a fruit cup, mini sweet potato pie, and roll. Sweet tea was the choice of beverage. To be honest, it was better than I expected. I didn't even finish my plate. Got pretty full personally.

It was nice getting the chance to have my son show off his class hall displays. One they had to show what was their favorite kind of milk. His of course is chocolate. No surprise at all. The other was a writing of their measurements using an apple and a fish cutouts. Ernest wrote that he was 4 fish and 4 apples long. LOL

I think each class had their own special gifts for the parents to. When we first arrived one class was singing Thanksgiving songs with Indian headdresses that they made. Ernest's class didn't make headdresses, but each parent did receive name badges that said "I am thankful for... " and our child's photo. It was simply adorable and priceless. They made themselves pins with turkeys created on them.

The next event was Thanksgiving at Ernest's store in Grand Bay. He usually has one every year with his staff. He thinks it's a great team motivation kind of thing, which actually it really is. It's a great way for everyone to get everyone together and enjoy good conversation over food. It's always pot luck too. This year the food wasn't unforgettable, but it wasn't bad either. We had dressing, mac & cheese, ham, turkey, corn casserole, rolls, green, pecan pie, sweet potato pies, Lemon Meringue Pie, and an excellent red velvet cake. It wasn't as eventful as the other dinners we had but it was enjoyable. Ended up taking a lot of the leftovers home, however.

I had never seen the boys as active as they were at this dinner. Robert was running all over the place. They both tried to play with the son of one of staff members. He was simply adorable.I think he was about 2 years old, but not absolutely sure.

All in all this holiday season has gotten off to a good start. And I must admit that I am pretty excited about it this year. I am waiting with anticipation for Tuesday to come to enjoy our annual pot luck at my job. Every year their is a great selection of food and I always end up extremely full. As you know...will be blogging about that event too. With picture and possible videos. So stay tuned. :-)
Our Thanksgiving Lunch with Little Ernest

Robert Enjoying Himself at the Arby's Thanksgiving Dinner

Arby's Thanksgiving Dinner 2010

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