Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Words cannot express to you just how great it felt to spend this Thanksgiving with my older sister Renate. See I have never met my older sister until this past June. We have the same father but different mothers, so we didn't grow up together.  We have an older sister, Lorita, that I have also never met. Over the past few years Renate and I have spoken to each other whenever she was with our father and last June during our trip to Dallas, TX we decided that it would be great for us to finally meet.  Well, after our first meeting we have been in constant contact texting and on Facebook. Hubby thought it would be a great idea for us to come back and celebrate Thanksgiving together. I am so glad that he made that suggestion.

You know, meeting a sibling or family member at an older age  can be very scary. You spend time thinking, "What do I say to them?", "Will they like me?",  "Will I like them?",  "Will we even get along?",  "Do we have anything in common?", etc. However, I have found that it just much easier to talk about whatever comes to mind and go from there. I have enjoyed getting to know my sister and knowing that I have another part of my family that is filled. Sort of like not really feeling complete, but your getting the holes filled in. :-)

Anyhow, today did end up being very long for us. Let me first mention that the day was a big change from yesterday when it comes to the weather. It was extremely cold at 41 degrees. Our day started out with us trying to find a place to eat breakfast.   At first we had planned to go to our favorite spot...Golden Corral. However, they were only serving dinner items all day so our next choice was Denny's. The Denny's we went to was very nice. Every staff member was wearing their Dallas Cowboys jersey and of course this made Ernest very happy. We also found that the tables had turned. There was Shreveport, LA where we surrounded by a ton of New Orleans Saints fans yet here we were in Dallas, TX and it seemed the Saints fans where in the private section of the restaurant. For the most part we enjoyed our breakfast and began to begin our day with my sister.

Once we arrived at Renate's we met with Ayisha. She is Renate's sister on her mother's side. She is very nice too. Poor thing had been fixing dinner for us since last night. You could tell she was tired. Unfortunately, Renate had to work that morning so we had to wait for her to come home. Ayisha and I got along great. Well, of course I did most of the talking, but I enjoyed my time with her.  By the time Renate came home everyone was laughing, hot, and watching the football game New England Patriots vs Detroit Lions. Another thing I must be honest and say I enjoyed. Everyone in the house very much into the football game. Especially the Dallas Cowboys vs New Orleans Saints game.  Not a fan of either team, but I so wanted Ernest's team to win their game.  They lost by a field goal.

It was about midnight by the time we left. We had good laughs and ate great food with family. That made for an excellent Thanksgiving Day in my book. I am very thankful to even be given the chance to have this moment.

You see some photos of artwork in my slideshow. My nephew Khiry is the creator. I had to show of my nephew's skills. He has such great talent. I hope to meet him one day soon too. :-)

I just had to take a video of Little Ernest helping his brother wash his hands. See Robert went to the bathroom and Little Ernest started questioning him when he was done by asking if he had washed his hands. Robert said, "Yes", but Ernest touched his hands and said, "No you didn't. Your hands are dry. Come on! I will help you wash your hands." and that is where the video comes in. LOL. Adorable don't you think?

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