Sunday, November 28, 2010

We hit the Road

Well, we hit the road at 4am and as usual I think I lasted 30 minutes before I was fast asleep. The ride to Dallas, TX wasn't bad at all really. We didn't make a lot of stops which was nice, but hard on Ernest since he was doing all of the driving. He doesn't like to stop unless he absolutely has to. Sometimes it can be annoying, but I understand why he does it. He likes to get where we are going at the earliest possibility. LOL.

Anyhow, if anything our troubles began in Shreveport, LA. First it was our cellphones. We had a signal, but for the oddest reason my cellphone started freezing up and acting very funny. I was almost in tears because no matter what I did my phone would not act right. Ernest's phone didn't give him that much of an issue, but it did it's share of issues. We went to the same gas station we stopped at on our way home from Dallas, TX back in June.  Because it is Thanksgiving week the place was packed with cars. It was also packed with people who had no idea how to keep the lines moving. People were blocking others in just so they don't lose their spot while others walked around like they didn't have a care in the world. I am so surprised there wasn't accident at all. In the mist of it all my phone ended up resetting itself completely. Which meant all my apps, contacts, email accounts, Internet favorites, etc. were gone. Good thing my Windows Mobile phone allows me to always backup my phone and I was able to get everything back. I did have to reinstall my apps and email accounts, but I was happy to know I didn't have to reenter all those contacts. Geez!!!

Next stop in Shreveport was IHOP. Usually we don't have any problems going to IHOP, but by the time I left I was so ticked off I didn't even eat all my food. When we first got there everything was fine. The place was packed with New Orleans Saints fans. In fact, their was an actual Saints fan group sitting next to us. No biggie to me really since I am neither a Saints or Cowboys fan. Then SHE WALKED IN. I have never in my life met someone so arrogant. Even as a football fan. Now I talk crap, but I do give credit where credit is due.  The woman came in loud and trying to high five every Saints fan in the place. Ernest was calm since he was out numbered. She came to our table and tried to get Little Ernest to say "Go Saints". He just looked at her. To make it understood I told her that his dad was a Cowboy fan. She walked off saying "OK well we will act like your not here". If you know me at all...My attitude kicked in at that very moment.

Finally, our waitress arrived asking we wanted something to drink. I had to repeat myself like twice just to let her know I wanted coffee and the boys wanted juice. She didn't hear anything until Ernest said it and then repeated it himself.  They only provided us with 3 silverware bundles and the table had no sugar whatsoever. To make it worse we barely saw our waitress.  When we did she spoke to other tables, walk off, then come back to speak in passing.  All during this time that darn lady, who wonderfully sat next to me, was just yapping and talking so much crap about Dallas fans that I either wanted to slap her HARD or just move. However, Ernest was much calmer than I was and just said that it's no big deal so I tolerated it.  Then he became a little upset himself.

See Ernest's phone doesn't charge with the travel charger so his battery was pretty low. He asked the hostess if he could charge his phone up front. Where we were sitting we were in plain view to keep an eye on it. She told him that was fine, but she couldn't keep an eye on it or be responsible for it.  That was fine with him so he plugged it in and sat back down. Well, no longer after our waitress went and unplugged and took it to the back. When she finally came back to our table he asked if he could get it back. She made the comment that they don't allow guests to plug in anything, so he was a bit upset with the hostess for telling him it was OK in the first place.  She was suppose to get the cellphone and plug, but never brought it back. After waiting for sometime I got up and went by where all the waiters and waitresses were and asked if someone could get his cellphone. Everyone pretty much had a "I don't care" attitude and had no sense of urgency whatsoever. This includes the manager who pretty much ignored me. I stood there for about 10-15 minutes before the waitress finally brought Ernest's cellphone to me. By this time I was pissed off and simply ready to go. And we did only to have that woman piss me off more by turning to my son before we left and asked him to say "Go Saints" again. Of course, being a child he repeated. Really? Who does that crap? You know we didn't want him to say it, but because your so arrogant you do it again? Ugggh!!! I had to just grab the boys and leave. Didn't even wait for Ernest to pay the bill.

We finally, made it to our hotel around 3:30pm. Our hotel room was very nice and from the moment I checked us in the staff was very hospitable.  So that was comforting after a long road trip and the events of Shreveport, LA. We got in relaxed for a little, I made a few phone calls, we cleaned up and headed off to eat dinner. Our first stop was the Twisted Root Burger Co.. We saw this place on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. Unfortunately, the place closed early for Thanksgiving so that was a big disappointment. We tried to find another place to eat close by, but nothing got our attention really until I ran across Randy White's Hall-of-Fame BBQ. Now I don't know why this was still listed at all on Bing because according to the guy at a hotel we asked this place hasn't been around in 5 years. So with another disappointment for dinner we decided on a place in the same section called Spring Creek BBQ. The place wasn't bad at all. The staff were actually extremely nice. So nice that Little Ernest found it easy to speak with them like crazy. Other than the macaroni & cheese not having much taste at all and, according to Ernest, the ribs were a bit dry we actually liked this place.

After all these events of the day we went back to our room, settled in, and fell fast asleep. You wouldn't believe how absolutely comfortable these beds here are.  LOL. On the Thanksgiving Day!!!

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