Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to My Mom and Grandmother

Today is the first time without both my mother and my grandmother here for me to call and wish Happy Mother's Day to. But I am not sad about it at all. They have both gone on to a better life. All I can think of are all the wonderful things they have taught me and smile.

My mother taught me to be independent, love being unique, love who I am, and to always strive to be better than what I am everyday. My grandmother taught me to be bold, stand up for myself, love others as they are, and to use the creative talents the Lord blessed  me with. For these things I will always be grateful.

To me now, Mother's Day isn't just about honoring mothers who are living, but also those who have gone. Though they are gone in flesh their love and teachings continue on. Without them we would not be who we are. They have even made  me the mother that I am. Not always perfect, but always striving to work towards giving my three sons the same qualities that they have taught me.

I miss you with all my heart and soul mom and grandma. Happy Mother's Day to you both!!! May I make you proud of me by being the woman and mother  you raised me to be.

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