Friday, January 11, 2013

Making progress in my quit smoking journey with 3 days to go

12 - 1
The good news is that I am mentally preparing myself for my soon to be quit day. It's suppose to be Monday, but my patches still haven't arrived yet. I am also really trying to handle my stress reactions better. I did say "trying" right? Over the past three days I have had an episode or two where my stress level was extremely high and I didn't do a great job in handling them. However, I am honestly proud to say that other than on Wednesday I didn't smoke my usual amount of cigarettes. According to my Quit Smoking app (which I am doing by habit now and I swear I am not cheating...LOL..seriously!!) my maximum amount of cigarettes per day right now should be 11. Only one of the past four days in my stats did I smoke that amount and that was on day one. I have been on an average smoking of 8-9 per day. Not a big deal to some, but to me that is a very good accomplishment. My goal is to be down to 7-8 by Monday. That is hard as hell for me, but we will see how things go Saturday and Sunday.

I have my work support buddy too. At first I thought my friend, Laura, would just be on my support team to make sure I stayed focus on no quitting. She is really good at being open minded, not judging, and having good ideas for my trigger alternatives. Someone I thought is a perfect choice for me when I am at work. Well, it turns out that Laura is working on trying to quit caffeine and asked for my help in return. A good deal don't you think? We discussed maybe taking a quick walk around the office building together and she offered to show me how to knit. The walking breaks will take some planning and right now I am not sure if I really want to knit. The knitting thing is a reasonable alternative and I won't say no to it. Just not in my interest at the moment.

My seven year old, Ernest, and I will also be each other's support buddy. See my little man wants mommy to stop smoking and mommy really wishes he would stop sucking his thumb so I thought it would be a good even trade. I told my son that for everyday he doesn't suck his thumb when he is home he will get a sticker. Each sticker will be work a certain amount of money. On June 1st we will add up his stars and the amount he earned. That amount would be his to spend on any reward he wants within budget. I told him that I will also keep a chart so that he can see how well I am doing. Surprisingly my little man was actually pretty happy about this and agreed. The only thing is that I haven't figured out the amount I would give him for each star. Thought I would ask you guys what you thought. Just keep in mind that I am far from rich, okay. LOL

How much should I give my son for every star he
earns for not sucking his thumb?

Another thing I have done was learn more about this cross-stitch pattern software I downloaded called CStitch. It takes an image and creates a pattern for you to use. At first I was worried because it was giving me 64+ different thread colors no matter what image I chose, but I finally figured out how to cut the threads in about half. I hope that I can at least get what I need for one of the patterns below by Sunday. That would really help out for my 15 minute breaks at work or when hubby is on the PC since I don't have my laptop or a tablet (which I would much rather have to be honest). Which one do you guys think I should get first?


I call this one my "Crimson Tide" simply because that is what it says.


I call this one my "Alabama Champions".

Well as you can see I am trying my best to keep on the right path to becoming a non-smoker. I really hope my enthusiasm stays this way. I know it still won't be easy, but I am trying. That is what matters most right?

Let the journey continue!!!
Good night my friends!!!

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