Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The 2014 Poties Family Motto

So it's almost time to "ring" in the new year. Time for everyone to anticipate making changes once 2014 kicks in. Most people have written down their New Year's Resolutions. Have you ever wondered just how many have written the same exact resolutions that they had last year? Or how many have written the same ones every year that they just don't throw away the paper or don't delete the online note?

Normally I don't make new year resolutions. For some odd reason I always believe making resolutions are simply a setup for failure. However, hubby came up with something for our 8 year old Ernest one day to help motivate him with school and football practice. Somehow, the two of decided that his idea was a prefect motto for the family. I mean...why not have a family motto instead of a resolution?  Why not have something the boys, hubby and myself will do our best to apply to in EVERYTHING we do...not just specific individual goals. 

So what is our family motto?  Well, people....the Poties Family Motto for 2014 is EMBS.


What does that all mean? It means that in the year of 2014 we will make an extreme effort to improve our mind, body and spirit. This includes making an effort to expand our knowledge, live a healthier lifestyle and become a little more spiritual than we have been in the past. The key word here is "Effort". 

Personally I think we tend to fail when making resolutions by giving ourselves false hope. Instead of being realistic in knowing that at some point it is possible that we might fail at a goal. Every year we tend to make resolutions with the unrealistic thought that we won't fail. Failure can and does happen. Doesn't mean YOU are a failure.  Just your attempt to reach your goal didn't go as planned. However, when we are unrealistic in our thinking that one obstacle...the one failure...is like something is telling us that it wasn't meant for us to even try it in the first place. Like those who decide to lose weight. The minute they miss a moment to exercise or they eat several cookies when they said they wouldn't, they tend to simply say "forget it" and go back to their old habits. However, I found that when one has realistic thoughts like knowing that you might not be able to exercise every single day and/or eating that hamburger doesn't mean you will NEVER lose those 5 pounds; you are more successful in actually achieving your goals.

Now don't get me wrong. Having individual and specific goals are important and I do have specific goals. In fact, here are mine for 2014:
  1. Lose at least 75 lbs by December 31, 2014 (Body)
  2. Have a mammogram (Body)
  3. Learn/refresh Spanish (Mind)
  4. Take and pass the Google Analytics IQ test (Mind)
  5. Eat healthier (Body)
  6. Take time to blog more (Spirit)
  7. Drink more water (Body)
  8. Go to church more (Spirit)
  9. Set a monthly budget
  10. Improve credit
  11. Learn and try to save
Now yes, these are what you would call "resolutions". However, the difference is that I don't have a specific start date for any of mine and only one goal has an end date. I have just vowed to give an effort to complete each of my goals realistically rather than giving myself false hope. I will make an effort to start them tomorrow, but I will not be disappointed or feel like a failure if it takes me until January 6th to actually begin. Let me give you another example of what I mean. Let's say I have a goal to smile more. Now getting up each day and saying "I am going to make an effort today to smile more" is more realistic to me rather just saying "Today I am going to smile more" and end up feeling like a failure if I didn't smile the entire day. I still achieved my goal by smiling most of the day. I am going to make an effort to go to church more, but I will not feel as if I failed at my goal if I don't go to church a couple of times. I have still accomplished my goal by simply making the effort of being there more than I have been in 2013.

So, with that said everyone I hope you all have a very Happy New Year! I wish everyone luck in their resolutions. I will make an effort to keep you posted on mine at Kassia's Blog and keep you posted about my awesome family on here. 

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