Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My Quit Smoking Anniversary!!!


On this date last year I woke up, put on my first patch and haven't had a single cigarette since. This is the longest I have ever been without a cigarette since I was about 12-13 years old. Yeah, I started smoking that young people. #DontJudgeMe.... I am truly proud of myself tho. I honestly didn't think I could go this long without having some kind of setback, but when I put on that patch 1 year ago I haven't looked back.

It hasn't been an easy year for me at all, however. I have struggled a lot with having the urge to smoke. Even as I am celebrating my one year anniversary of not smoking I still constantly have cravings during those times that I am upset, stressed out, bored, etc. Took me a while to get use to not smoking when I have a drink, or when I am at youth football practice, or even first thing in the morning on my way into work. The urge has never gone away. It's just easier for me to handle now.

I honestly must say that I miss the socialization I once had with co-workers, youth football parents, friends, family and even complete strangers. I don't care what anyone says....Those smoking breaks can be a highlight of anyone's day. Now that I am no longer smoking I sometimes find myself at work feeling a little lonely and even sometimes depressed. You find yourself half of the time stuck to your desk working. Although to your employer this is good for them because it means you are being productive for an additional 30 minutes to an hour and a half. However, having depressed employees really isn't a good replacement either. I have tired to take up walking from time to time, just to get up and get some air. Should do this more often, but sometimes it's either too cold, to hot, or I just have absolutely no drive or determination to even attempt walking around. Sad thing...yes I know.

Now don't get me wrong. I have had some wonderful benefits too for not smoking this past year. One of those benefits and part of the reason I quit smoking was the deduction I would get with my insurance. At the time that I quit smoking my deduction for medical insurance at work was pretty much about $100 per month. Once we had open enrollment I was in amazement that the credit I got for myself and adding my two boys came to $250. I even went to the Healthcare Government website just to see what credit, if any, I would get for being a non-smoker. It turns out that my credit would be just about the same or slightly more. Believe me when I say this....When it came down to making a final decision for health insurance for myself and my boys that credit alone was absolutely awesome!!! I won't go into how much I do love my current medical insurance, unlike most people. That is a whole different blog post I know would start a lot of angry comments :-).

Moving on....Another thing I am proud about when it comes to not smoking is that we are actually saving money. You really don't realize just how much you save until you actually quit. All the calculators in the world can give you an idea, but they don't have an impact until you look at your bank account and realize that you have more money to spend than you use to. You don't realize it until you are going through your monthly bills and realize that you can actually pay the ENTIRE bill....LMBO!!!

I can sit here and say that health wise I feel much better, but I don't. Because I have extremely low iron I still get tired. Okay I do breath a little better and I will admit that food does taste better (or sometimes worse), but most of the health things I am suppose to feel with being a non-smoker I just don't. I think some people believe that once you stop smoking you are suppose to be like Maria on top of the hill singing "the hills are alive with the sound of music". They think that you are suddenly suppose to have this new found burst of energy and be able to take on the world. Maybe there are good changes going on in my body that I don't yet feel. Well, when this finally happens I will be sure to let you know....LOL.

However, people...despite how I feel about my health or anything else I am glad I have quit smoking and hope to make to my 2nd and 5th anniversary successfully. Every day is still a struggle, but I have faith that I can make it.  I have made it this far...I am sure I can.

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