Welcome to My World

This blog was originally started about a year ago as a way for friends and family in Mobile, AL to see our vacation adventures. Actually, I just got my first smartphone (HTC Mogul) that allowed me to text and email to my blog while we was on the road. I took a ton of scenery photos, but didn't blog as much as I had hoped.

Anyhow, I intended to keep this blog for family and friends in other states. A way for them to see how we were doing. However, as time went on I started posting random things and doing a little random testing for business research. Then it just became my little personal blog and I created another blog strictly for family.

So with that in mind...this blog is simply about me. My family, work, friends, or just random things I might feel like sharing. Sometimes I might even post the same things here and on the family blog. Only because it is relevant. However, most of what you read here is strictly me.

I hope you enjoy my blog. Comments are moderated but don't let that scare you. You are always more than welcome to tell me what you think. Just give me a holler.